Dr. Baked Potato - Sarah

Here is our second episode for this month about the Planning Pyramid (A.K.A The Baked Potato Planning Strategy). In this episode I am talking to Sarah, a classroom teacher and district helping teacher who uses the strategy everyday in her classroom!

Sarah walks us through some examples of how she uses the strategy for her lesson design and refers to some visuals. It may be helpful to see these before, during or after you listen. You can find these visuals on Instagram (@Five Moore Minutes).

We will also be zooming in on this strategy for a live webinar on Sunday November 3, 2019, which will be recorded and avaliable on the Five Moore Minutes You Tube Channel!

This Podcast Episode is connected to the Five Moore Minutes YouTube video: Dr. Baked Potato: How can we scaffold complexity? Which can be found at the link below:


For more resources make sure to also check out www.fivemooreminutes.com to find more videos, interviews and strategies to support inclusion!

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